Why Do Homeowners Choose a Blacktop Driveway in Fairfield?

One of the most frequent questions people ask when it’s time to install a driveway is whether it’s better to use blacktop asphalt or concrete.  While there are circumstances where either could be the better option, overall, blacktop driveways are a Fairfield favorite and are very commonly installed.

For most homeowners, a Fairfield blacktop driveway is at a good midpoint between price and performance, while creating a surface which they can use reliably for years to come.

The Top Advantages of a Blacktop Driveway in Fairfield

  1. Install Price

While price can vary significantly depending on a number of factors ranging from planned usage to the time of year the installation happens, in general, blacktop asphalt is less expensive to install than concrete.  In particular, asphalt is faster to install, and that almost always means lower labor costs.

  1. Flexible Durability

Concrete is great if you need something that’s hard, but that’s not actually optimal for a smaller driveway.  The ground is going to shift somewhat, and vehicles of different sizes may cause some compression to happen.  Since asphalt is more flexible than concrete, it can better stand up to daily use without cracking and requiring major repairs.

But speaking of which…

  1. Easy Repairs

No surface intended for vehicles to drive on is going to be entirely repair-free.  However, asphalt is very easy to fix.  If a crack or pothole does form, in most cases a simple patch can be applied to quickly – and invisibly – fill in the affected area.  Concrete is much, much more difficult to patch effectively and often requires significant re-laying.

  1. Lower TCO

Thanks to both the lower install price and the much cheaper and easier repair process, an asphalt driveway is almost undoubtedly going to have a lower long-term total cost of ownership than concrete.

  1. Easy to Stylize

Do you want more than a plain gray/black driveway?  Blacktop doesn’t have to be black!  There are plenty of options to install colored asphalt from the start, or to use either sealants or paints to add decoration later.  Or, use stamps when the blacktop is laid down to give it a different texture, like stonework.

Get Top-Quality Fairfield Blacktop Driveways from Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping!

Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping has over six decades’ experience creating superior asphalt surfaces for residences and businesses.  Contact us today to discuss what we can do for you!


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