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Understanding the Differences Between Hot Mix Asphalt Paving Options

Ask any asphalt paving company, and they’ll tell you that hot mix asphalt is an excellent value with a long service lifetime.  Hot mix asphalt is also highly effective for repairs and patching of previously-laid asphalt since it can blend with many different existing installations.  However, that depends on the quality of the bulk asphalt materials and the contractor mixing them.  There are several types of hot mix asphalt, with each being suitable for different applications.

Whenever you’re looking to hire an asphalt paving company, it’s important to discuss your needs with them in detail, and make sure they have the right hot mix asphalt paving for the job.

Understanding the Different Kinds of Hot Mix Asphalt 

1 – Dense-graded mix

Dense-graded asphalt is the most common type used, and the most all-around useful with superior damage resistance compared to open-graded mixes.  It utilizes relatively small pieces of aggregate (gravel), compacted tight enough to provide a solid road surface but while still allowing water to pass through.  The exact size of the aggregate can vary depending on exactly what top surface you need.

2 – Open-graded mix

By contrast, open-graded mixes use extremely fine particles -usually crushed rock- as the aggregate, making it very compact and water-resistant.  It also prevents splash back when cars drive in the rain, making it a good option for areas with a lot of rainfall.

Another variation of open-graded mix, called asphalt-treated, puts an open-graded mix below a top layer of dense-graded mix.  This encourages drainage of water off the top surface.

3 – Stone matrix asphalt

Finally, stone matrix asphalt material uses relatively large rocks for its aggregate, with large gaps in between the stones.  It is the most expensive asphalt mix to implement because it requires particularly strong binding substances to hold together.  However, in the long term it can often have the best ROI because it is the most damage resistant of the hot mix asphalt types, and therefore will require less ongoing maintenance.

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