Tips for Hiring A Great Local Asphalt Paving Company

When you’re looking to hire an asphalt paving company, it’s almost always a good idea to stay local.  It’s much easier to check up on them and the quality of their work, and you won’t be over-paying for the shipment of materials to your job site.

However, in most areas, that still leaves a lot of options!  Here are some important things to look for in an asphalt paving company, to ensure you’re getting one that meets your needs.

Four Must-Haves When Hiring A Paving Company

1 – Proper licenses, bonds, and insurance

Never hire an asphalt contractor without making sure their paperwork is in order.  They should be fully licensed by the state, as well as having robust insurance and bonds against property or personal damage during their work.  This is absolutely standard among reputable contractors.

2 – References

This should be something you do whenever hiring a contractor in any field: ask them for a list of references or past customers, then follow up with some of them to see what those past customers have to say.  This is a particularly good way of gauging how well the contractor’s work will hold up over time.

3 – Their own asphalt quarry and production facilities

Here’s a distinguishing feature, not all asphalt paving companies will have!  The best is going to have their own quarry and/or facilities for creating their own asphalt.  This is important for two reasons.  First, it should mean lower material costs for you, since they aren’t reselling product made by others.  Also, it means that -if necessary- they can create custom blends that perfectly match your needs, when an “off the shelf” mix may not be right.

4 – Free site inspections

This is something that a paving company should be happy to do as part of the process of winning your business.  The site inspection is their chance to see what they’re working with and talk to you about your exact plans for the project.  It’s also necessary to provide a meaningful price quote.  If they want to charge for a site inspection, they’re probably going to be nickel-and-diming you with extra fees throughout the job.

Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping: Great Asphalt for Over Fifty Years

With our own quarry and extensive experience, we’re Ohio’s top choice for quality asphalt work.  Contact us to learn more or consult on your paving project.

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