The Top 4 Safety Measures for Every Commercial Paving Site

In managing their commercial paving operations, companies must enact strict safety procedures that protect their work team and reduce the chances of damaging the working structure. Our team at Mt. Pleasant Asphalt & Blacktopping has years of experience within the commercial paving industry, and in this latest post we’ll explore the top four safety measures that should be in place at all commercial job sites.

  1. Safety Vests

One of the most important elements of work site safety is wearing proper safety vests. Teams should be prepared to wear a safety vest at all times during their working process. This allows them to be seen by those driving and biking around the area and ensures they’re identified in cases where business security is a priority.

  1. Backup Alarms

All driving equipment used on a commercial paving site must be equipped with backup alarms. The alarms warn others in the area that the driver is moving the vehicle in their direction and that they should be aware of the commercial vehicles around them. The backup alarm is also an important safety element due to the noise taking place in and around the site. Sometimes teams working on the paving process aren’t able to hear a vehicle backing up near to them. An alarm helps enhance the chances they’ll hear the vehicle and move out of the way.

  1. Road Construction Signs

When working on an area nearby a road or other high traffic space such as a parking lot, work teams must implement construction signs effectively. They should use the signs at various intersections close to the paving process, so that drivers around them are aware of the work and can slow down and respond carefully.

  1. Leg Protection

During paving work, teams are often working on areas of the ground at their feet and therefore are in danger of damaging their toes and feet during the working process. It’s why construction team leaders require their teams to wear tough boots during their work and to implement some form of leg protection to ensure their legs are protected against pieces of asphalt or concrete that might be displaced during the working process.

By understanding more on the safety procedures that take place during commercial asphalt paving projects, business owners can help make sure their site is suitable for the work to take place. To discover more on the commercial paving process and the benefits asphalt can bring to your business space, contact our team today at Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping!

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