Our Paving Company Experts Explain 5 Reasons Why Asphalt Makes the Best Pavement Option

Asphalt is becoming widely popular again as a paving option for both homeowners and business owners looking to enhance the appeal of their property. As a paving option, the material offers numerous performance advantages that ensure superior value over concrete and other alternatives. In this latest post, our trusted company experts explain five of the reasons why asphalt is the best paving option.

  1. Durability

The durability of asphalt makes it the ideal option for use in busy areas and in driveway spaces that will be used to park vehicles. The structural value of asphalt means that it doesn’t crack over time, like concrete. This means that homeowners and business owners can look forward to continually effective performance over the long-term.

  1. Safety

Asphalt is also designed to ensure rapid dispersal of surface water. This means that pooling can be mitigated in areas near homes and commercial properties. The surface product can be used to help protect against flooding and also mitigate hydroplaning on driving surfaces.

  1. Cost-Efficient

Another leading advantage of asphalt is its cost-efficiency. The product’s durability means that it doesn’t have to be relayed regularly and can therefore help property owners save thousands of dollars over its material lifetime. The product also has low initial costs because of the abundance of its raw materials, ensuring exceptional value in project-after-project.

  1. Easy to Repair

Property owners are also now utilizing asphalt as a paving option because the system is very easy to repair. Damage to the surface as a result of an impact can be easily repaired by a trusted asphalt paving company. The repair work can be completed in a quick timeframe and doesn’t require expensive tools or other materials.

  1. Smoother Surface

Because asphalt offers a smoother surface compared with concrete and other paving materials, it’s now used on roads and driveways to limit the impact on tires and prevent trips and falls. The smooth surface means that those walking on the paved area can travel safely.

Our experienced asphalt paving team at the Mt. Pleasant Asphalt & Blacktopping company is now working with clients across the community to help them capitalize on the many performance benefits presented by asphalt paving products. To begin your new asphalt project, book your consultation now!

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