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Our Fairfield Contractors Explain the Benefits of Asphalt for Your Driveway

Choosing the ideal surface for your driveway can help you to limit your required maintenance and provide a safe environment for the property for the years to come. But most don’t have experience within the paving field, and that’s why many turn to our professionals to help them make the right choice about their home paving requirements. In this latest post, we’ll provide the benefit of our experience, as our Fairfield Asphalt Driveway Contractors explain the benefits of asphalt surfacing for your driveway.


Compared with the relevant concrete option, asphalt offers you exceptional durability. The material, when installed effectively by those with years of experience, will offer years of lasting value and aesthetics. It’s significantly less likely than concrete to crack when used over a number of years.

Limited Maintenance

Maintenance should be an important consideration when selecting any material for the home. Asphalt is ideal in this regard because it’s designed for low maintenance performance compared with concrete and similar alternatives. Any sealant products you require for your asphalt driveway are offered at low pricing and are widely available, while concrete driveways require complex crack repair that should only be completed by a specialist.

Asphalt Draws Heat

When you’re trying to exit your driveway for work on those cool winter mornings, it’s important the surface has been designed to support heat retention. Asphalt draws and holds heat better than the leading alternatives. This means that snow and ice melt quicker on the surface. This can help to improve safety levels in residential and commercial settings and ensures ease of use during cool winter mornings.

Speed of Installation

Another leading advantage of working with asphalt is that it can be installed quickly on the driveway by Fairfield contractors. The installation process won’t impact activities within the home and can be completed in just a few hours over one or two days. Concrete usually takes at least twice as long to place and set within a driveway area. In some cases, you’ll be waiting a week or more for a concrete driveway to cure.

Our team at Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping can help guide you in completing asphalt paving on your residential or commercial driveway. To discover more, contact our Fairfield asphalt driveway contractors today!

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