Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping Announces Professional Blacktop Paving Services in Fairfield

October 2017 – Fairfield, Ohio – Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping is pleased to announce its latest blacktop paving in Fairfield services. The company, which provides both commercial and residential paving services now provides both blacktopping and asphalt paving for customers throughout Fairfield, Butler County and South Western Ohio.  Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping wants to make sure customers understand the importance of blacktopping and asphalt over leaving a road or driveway exposed to the elements.

The Importance of Blacktopping

Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping recommends the utilization of blacktop paving in Fairfield to improve safety for both drivers and pedestrians. Unpaved roads and driveways can develop major holes and ruts, which can cause damage to a vehicle. It also increases the chance of a driving mishandling their vehicle, leading to potential accidents. Additionally, unpaved roads may flood, turn to mud, and become problematic when attempting to navigate in undesirable weather.

Quality Materials

A common material used instead of paving is gravel. While initially less expensive, gravel does not stay in place and, eventually, will need to be completely replaced. Pavement does need an occasional new coat, but this is less frequent than the need for additional gravel.

Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping stresses the importance of paving a roadway to boost visibility. If left unpaved, a dusty road may cause visibility problems for both pedestrians and drivers. For roads that see several dozen cars a day or more, it is beneficial to take advantage of pavement as it reduces roadside hassles and potential visibility issues.

Property Maintenance

Property owners usually wait too long, 20-25 years, before making asphalt repairs to save money.  The cost of maintaining your asphalt pavement can be doubled over this time.  Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping recommends resurfacing your pavement every 12-15 years for the best surface and to save expenses.  Added thickness during resurfacing improves the performance by adding strength and longevity to your pavement.  Areas needing patching from neglect cost 5X more than resurfacing.  Have Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping inspect your property for the best care and maintenance for worry free performance.

About Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping

Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping was originally started by William H. House back in 1954 as an excavating company. By 1980, the company had shifted from excavating to laying asphalt and has been looking for ways to improve paving options for residents and commercial facilities ever since. Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping is a member of the Allied Construction Industries, American Subcontractors Association, Fairfield Chamber of Commerce, Flexible Pavements of Ohio and the Home Builders Association.

For customers interested in contacting Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping, they are able to do so by calling the company at 513-874-3777 or send us an email today!

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