Mt. Pleasant Asphalt & Blacktopping Highlights the Value of the Hot Mix Asphalt

June 23, 2017 – Cincinnati, OH-based asphalt paving specialists, Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping is now showcasing the exceptional value of their hot mix asphalt . The company’s product is designed to offer lasting value as part of the paving process and features Marathon Oil and Conoco Phillips high performance binder materials with 100% crushed limestone for first-class durability.

During residential and commercial paving projects, high caliber asphalt materials are critical to ensuring structural value over the long-term. Products such as concrete simply don’t offer the same level of crack resistance and structural performance as asphalt. That is why many home and business owners are now choosing to add hot mix asphalt to their spaces. The team at Mt. Pleasant Asphalt and Blacktopping offers the highest quality hot mix asphalt available in the marketplace today.

As part of their production process for creating hot mix asphalt, the team at Mt. Pleasant Asphalt & Blacktopping utilizing an industry-leading quality control program. The program includes daily testing for review and approval, during which time the stone quality is also tested for hardness and gradation. The company’s experts have decades of experience creating quality asphalt products for use in commercial  asphalt and residential asphalt paving projects and their hot mix asphalt highlights their commitment to product and service value.

About Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping

The experts at Mt. Pleasant Asphalt and Blacktopping are available around the clock to help guide commercial and residential paving projects. To learn more, contact their team directly today at (513) 924-4300 or visit their business website at



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