Blacktop Driveway in Fairfield

Maintain The Blacktop Driveway Outside Your Fairfield Home With Our Fall Checklist

It’s the time of the year when the weather changes and your home becomes subject to unique environmental influences, from freezing temperatures to blowing winds. To help guide you in protecting your driveway during this season, we’re highlighting our fall blacktop driveway protection checklist for Fairfield homeowners.

Avoid De-Icing Chemicals

Using de-icing chemicals and rock salt on your driveway during this period of the year can corrode your driveway and damage vegetation in your yard. If you’re searching for a safe way to protect the space against the freezing temperatures, consider a resealing service before the cool weather begins. This way you can prevent the concrete from cracking and the weather from damaging the structure underneath the driveway space.

Edge the Driveway

To help prevent snow and ice from building up on the surface of your blacktop driveway outside your Fairfield home, consider the edging process. This involves removing the sod two to three inches away from the blacktop to allow for moisture to run down away from your driveway. Make sure you turn to professionals for the process to mitigate structural damage to your home.

Avoid Parking Heavy Vehicles on the Driveway

Most residential driveways simply aren’t designed to withstand the weight of heavy vehicles. Construction equipment and large trucks should be parked away from the home and on side streets to minimize potential driveway damage. If you’re having work on your property at this time of the year, speak with the construction team about how they plan to store vehicles and equipment during the project.

Review Guttering Placement

In order to prevent ice build-up during the cooler months, you should also consider the placement of your home gutters and the placement of the guttering in relation to the driveway. Make sure that gutter spouts face away from the driveway and toward grass and areas away from the home. This will ensure that any run-off is pushed to safe spaces.

Relocate Shrubs

Sometimes you’ll notice that shrubs have grown close to the driveway or directly within the driveway space. Find a way to remove and relocate these plants to minimize the structural damage to the driveway throughout the wintertime.

Out local Fairfield experts for driveway blacktopping can help you protect your home’s driveway spaces throughout the fall and winter seasons. Discover more on our services now.

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