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How to Improve Your Property Value with Commercial Asphalt Paving

When you get a high-quality installation of commercial asphalt paving from a respected and reliable asphalt paving company, you aren’t only providing your employees, customers, and other visitors with a surface to drive on.  You’re making an investment into your property – and one with the potential to improve your property value!

People often underestimate the value of truly well-laid and nice-looking commercial asphalt paving, but it truly does add to your “curb appeal.”  This can help mitigate the costs of installation and upkeep, along with making your property more attractive to potential future buyers.

Four Ways an Asphalt Paving Company Can Improve Your Property Value

1 – Better looks are impressive

People definitely notice when asphalt is poorly-laid or in disrepair, especially when it’s your tire in the pothole!  They also notice when it’s in particularly good shape.  A fresh, gleaming coat of asphalt accompanied by recently-painted lines and curbs makes a truly excellent first impression for anyone driving onto your property.  Curb appeal means good business.

2 – Stamped asphalt stands out

If you really want to wow visitors, look to stamped asphalt.  It can mimic the look of many other kinds of stonework, including much more expensive options such as stone tiling.  It can also incorporate colors, driving guidelines, or even full-fledged designs.  Stamped asphalt is a more expensive option, of course, but it makes up for it in terms of the impression it can leave.  Make your mark on your asphalt with your company logo.

3 – Repair small problems before they get worse

It’s a good idea to have someone regularly do a check of your asphalt installations every month or two, for any emerging physical defects.  In nearly all cases, cracks and potholes begin small and get bigger the longer they’re disregarded.  Catching them early and hiring an asphalt paving company to fix them ASAP, will save you a lot of money in the long run by avoiding expensive repair jobs.  It’ll also help maintain that “freshly-paved” look that impresses.

4 – Sealant seals the deal

Finally, any freshly laid asphalt -whether a new pour or some patchwork- should always have a layer of sealant applied to it.  That’s actually what gives the asphalt the shiny look associated with a new installation.  Plus, the sealant provides protection against the elements and prolongs the life of your asphalt.

Trust Your Commercial Asphalt Paving to Mt. Pleasant

Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping has provided top-quality asphalt solutions to Ohio since 1954!  Contact us today for a consultation on your asphalt options.


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