How to Avoid Parking Lot Flooding by Using Commercial Asphalt Services in Fairfield

Parking lots can sometimes be a difficult property to maintain overtime. Often heavy rains can cause flooding, making it dangerous for staff and customers. It is important to protect your property and use the right services and commercial asphalt in Fairfield to help reduce the chances of flooding in parking lots. Property managers, we understand the importance of safety and quality for your renters.

Standing water erodes asphalt over time, and as mentioned, this makes a parking lot dangerous to maneuver. So, when it comes to both avoiding and dealing with parking lots, here are some tips from our Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping team you should follow.

Drainage System

One of the most important steps in preventing flooding is to have a parking lot drainage system installed. The system is installed under the asphalt subgrade. Water then flows into the gradient, which helps avoid flooding. In the long term, installing a drainage system can help save money as potential asphalt repairs drop, as does the need to apply new seal coating as frequently.

Sloped Pouring

When laying asphalt, one of the best ways to help avoid flooding in a parking lot is to lay asphalt at a slight angle. This allows water to run off in a predetermined location. We always recommend contacting our team at Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping for all work and blacktop solutions.

Controlling the water allows you to either send it into the city curb where there is already a drainage system in place or if you have storm drains on the property, the slope can take water here. Either way, the slight slope, which only needs to be a few degrees, reduces the potential for flooding.

When Flooding Occurs

From time to time, even when sloped asphalt and a drainage system are in place, flooding can occur following heavy rains. Should this happen it is important to make sure the local storm drain is free of debris. Doing so improves the flow of the water and reduces flooding time. Also, make sure to apply seal coating to your asphalt at least annually to prevent water from developing cracks and other blemishes.

Commercial Asphalt Solutions in Fairfield

Quality and professional commercial asphalt services in Fairfield are essential as it reduces the chances of flooding and helps ensure your property remains safe (which also reduces accident risk at the same time). Property managers will find it easy to work with Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping.  We can work with your budget and timing as well as give you the best quality for your property for years to come.

Property owners usually wait too long, 20-25 years, before making asphalt repairs to save money.  The cost of maintaining your asphalt pavement can be doubled over this time.  Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping recommends resurfacing your pavement every 12-15 years for the best surface and to save expenses.  Added thickness during resurfacing improves the performance by adding strength and longevity to your pavement.  Areas needing patching from neglect cost 5X more than resurfacing.  Have Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping inspect your property for the best care and maintenance for worry free performance.

By taking advantage of our services at Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping, you can rest assured it is done properly. If you have any questions regarding commercial asphalt or want to set up an on-location inspection, contact us today.


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