How Sealcoating Protects Your Asphalt from Pressure Washing

At Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping, we know performing general maintenance on your asphalt is an essential step in extending the life of your pavement. Pressure washing is one aspect of maintenance as it removes dirt and other debris, yet pressure washing alone can potentially damage the residential asphalt paving you have done in Fairfield, Butler County or Southwestern Ohio.

That is why it is important to utilize sealcoating. By regularly applying the sealcoating, you protect the pavement from a variety of natural and manmade occurrences, including pressure washing.

What is Sealcoating?

It is important to understand sealcoating is not designed as crack filler. A different material all together is used for that. Instead, sealcoating is a barrier coat, applied directly to the top of asphalt. The main purpose of sealcoating is to protect your asphalt from natural issues, including sun and water.

Over time, the sun will dry out the asphalt, causing it to crack, while water will eventually erode unprotected asphalt (which is compounded due to the movement of heavy vehicles driving on top).

Walkways are installed in sections, with spaces in between in order to allow the expansion and contraction of the sidewalk. Parking lots do not have this, so cracking can occur. With the application of sealcoating, this expanding and contracting is minimized.

Improved Friction

Over time, the texture of asphalt wears down. This, in turn, smooths out the pavement, which can lead to potential slipping and other accidents. Sealcoating allows your Fairfield residential asphalt paving to maintain its friction, improving safety and reducing accidents.

Protecting Against Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is an effective way to remove stains and dried on dirt from the pavement. Using a pressure washer on pavement is not recommended as it may damage the surface and lead to eventual cracking. Sealcoating acts as a barrier, blocking out the moisture from the asphalt.

This way, you can freely clean the surface of your driveway or parking lot without risking damage. Just make sure to apply the sealcoating every 2-3 years.

Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping Can Help

Taking advantage of sealcoating is a must if you want to extend the life and maintain the look of your current driveway. Property managers will find it easy to work with Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping.  We can work with your budget and timing as well as give you the best quality for your property for years to come.

Property owners usually wait too long, 20-25 years, before making asphalt repairs to save money.  The cost of maintaining your asphalt pavement can be doubled over this time.  Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping recommends resurfacing your pavement every 12-15 years for the best surface and to save expenses.  Added thickness during resurfacing improves the performance by adding strength and longevity to your pavement.  Areas needing patching from neglect cost 5X more than resurfacing.  Have Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping inspect your property for the best care and maintenance for worry free performance.

Whether you’re looking for professional residential asphalt paving services in Fairfield, or you simply have questions about our services, please contact our team today.

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