Getting Creative with Your Cincinnati Blacktop Installations

One of the most common objections we hear to using asphalt to lay down blacktop in Cincinnati, such as driveways, is that it’s “boring.”  People tend to assume that the only kind of asphalt is the dark gray they see on roads, and don’t want that for their homes or businesses.

However, that’s far from the truth!  Asphalt blacktop is actually quite versatile, and there are plenty of ways to dress it up to be more visually interesting.  It might even be possible to trick people into thinking it’s not asphalt at all . . .

Four Ways to Make a Cincinnati Blacktop Installation More Creative

  1. Stamping

One of the most popular options to spruce up asphalt is the use of stamping, to add extra texture to the surface.  It doesn’t have to look like standard blacktop!  Stamps can give it a wide variety of new appearances, such as mimicking cobblestones or even adding more creative patterns.  This can be used to make a highly distinctive driveway that doesn’t even look like it’s asphalt.

  1. Multi-colored Asphalt

Asphalt doesn’t have to only be gray or black!  In fact, with the right toppings and coatings, asphalt can be turned into almost any color imaginable.  Red, blue, green, or more.  You can mix-and-match colors, or create separate patterns within larger asphalt installations.  A business could clearly distinguish “in” and “out” traffic, or a homeowner with a large back yard could install their own go-kart course.

And yes, this can be combined with stamping!  You could take reddish-brown concrete then stamp it to make a pattern that’s almost indistinguishable from bricks – but for far less cost than actual brickwork.

  1. Colored Seal Coating

Another way to add color and variety to your asphalt – even existing installations – is through sealant coating.  Not only will it extend the lifespan of your asphalt, but it can be used to add additional patterns and visuals to your blacktop.  It could even be used with large stencils to create highly intricate designs.

  1. Paint

Finally, don’t forget that there are types of paint which are formulated for asphalt.  After all, that’s how road markings happen.  These are also available in every color imaginable, and can be used to add a true “finishing touch” to your driveway – or even turn it into a giant art installation.

Want more creative Cincinnati blacktop ideas?  Just contact Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping today!

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