Four Ways Our Asphalt Paving Company Guarantee Great Paved Parking Lots

People say first impressions are important for a business, yet many businesses don’t realize that their parking lot often creates a visitor’s first impression!  A poorly-maintained or implemented parking lot will create an instant negative impression, but that can be avoided with the right asphalt contractors.

As an asphalt paving company that handles both residential asphalt paving as well as commercial work, we have extensive experience in laying down blacktop in a wide variety of situations.  That gives us the quality edge, compared to other contractors.

How We Ensure Your Parking Lot Pavement Is Perfect

1 – Working with what’s there, when possible

If you already have a parking lot, we’ll do our best to preserve as much of it as we can.  Often, it’s entirely possible to cut away damaged sections and re-pave those areas, then add a new top layer that ties everything together.  If the rest of the pavement is solid, there’s no need to redo the work – and that saves you money!

2 – Creating a solid gravel base

Some think that pavement can be laid directly onto the ground.  While technically it can, this will not bring good results because any surface-level shift can crack the slab!  Creating a firm, solid gravel base below the concrete helps ensure minor geological shifts don’t affect it.

3 – Accounting for drainage

Another key aspect of a parking lot that will stand for years is that it’s designed for proper drainage.  That means it is not totally flat!  It needs a smooth 1-2% downward slope on all sides, without any depressions, so rain can flow off it.  Otherwise, standing water will seep into the asphalt and start quickly causing cracks.

4 – An emphasis on safety

You will know you have an asphalt paving company that cares about its work when it makes on-site safety a top priority.  This goes beyond simply maintaining OSHA standards.  It means putting time and planning into safety procedures, to ensure their people and yours are always kept safe.  That sort of attention to detail is how you know we really care about the work we do.

Ohio Turns to Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping

Whether it’s commercial or residential asphalt paving, we’ve been creating and installing high-quality blacktop for over fifty years.  That’s how you know our asphalt work will exceed your expectations, every time.  Contact us directly to learn more.

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