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Four Important Things to Look for In A Commercial Asphalt Paving Contractor

Choosing the right commercial asphalt paving contractor can be a major decision, which will have years-long ramifications for your property.  The right paving contractor will work with you to find the perfect solution for your grounds and needs, and ensure you have the finest pavement around your business that will last for decades with minimal maintenance.

On the other hand, a poor contractor can leave you with blacktop that’s unpleasant to drive on or unsafe for car or foot traffic, hurting your reputation with customers, employees, and visitors as well as decreasing your property value.  Like other structural elements of your business property, pavement and concrete walkways will be examined when you go to sell your business.

When you’re looking for an asphalt company, these are some of the key signs they are worthy of your business.

Four Things You Want in A Commercial Asphalt Paving Company

1 – Experience

As in all areas of construction contracting, experience is what generally makes the difference between an adequate job, and an excellent job.  This is particularly true with so many contracting newcomers entering the field, chasing the latest construction boom.  If your asphalt contractor has decades of experience, you’re in good hands.

2 – Modern computerized CAD systems

The days of sending out surveyors to figure out everything by hand have passed.  Quality pavement contractors will be using modern CAD systems and other computer aids to bring you the most precise possible plans for laying your asphalt.

3 – Access to many mix types

Asphalt is not one-size-fits-all.  In fact, it’s common for mixes to be created specifically for single jobs, so that the laid blacktop will meet all the client’s requirements.  The more types of asphalt mix your contractor has access to, the better.

If they make their own asphalt, it’s a bonus for you, since it will help guarantee quality in the final product.  Good asphalt suppliers should have quality control programs to test mixes daily.

4 – A willingness to educate 

Asphalt pours can be optimized for different needs, so a good contractor will take time to really talk with a client about their options.  For example, stone matrix asphalt is particularly costly to install at first but could potentially bring better ROI in the long term due to its low maintenance costs.  Your contractor should be discussing these issues with you.

Ohio has Trusted Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping for Over Sixty Years

Since 1954, we’ve been providing top-quality asphalt contracting, complete site work, installation, and repair services to some of the largest entities and municipalities across southern Ohio.  We handle pavement needs around your business, new residential construction with complete site work, and thoroughfares in your city or county.

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