Commercial Asphalt Paving

Five Good Reasons to Add Commercial Asphalt Paving to Your Business or Community

When it’s time for your next commercial paving project, think of asphalt!  Commercial asphalt isn’t just a highly popular option for paving, it also brings a number of benefits that people often don’t think about – particularly when compared to concrete.

An investment in asphalt could be more beneficial than you realize…

Five Reasons Commercial Paving with Asphalt Makes Sense for Businesses and Communities

1 – Create a quieter drive.

Asphalt lowers noise levels!  Simply put, asphalt is naturally “grippy” and therefore even a smooth asphalt surface provides great traction for both vehicles and pedestrians.  On the other hand, concrete must be made bumpy to provide traction, and that significantly drives up the noise factor whenever cars drive on it.

Speaking of which…

2 – Asphalt has better traction.

It is extremely difficult for asphalt to get into a state where it does not provide traction, usually requiring a full coating of wintry ice.  It does not get slick when wet, which makes it a much better alternative to concrete in rainy areas.  Plus, asphalt is easier to de-ice in the winter as well, and without cracking.

3 – Asphalt is simple to repair.

Concrete proponents like to talk about the longevity of concrete, but there’s a big downside there: concrete is very difficult and expensive to repair, often requiring large new pours to fix even relatively minor cracks or potholes.  Asphalt might wear down a bit more easily, but it can be patched by a commercial paving company in a matter of minutes. Regular maintenance is important to keep it in top shape and will save you money in the long run.

4 – Perpetual pavement extends the lifespan.

Want to get even more value for your commercial asphalt investment?  Get “perpetual pavement.”  Essentially, it’s a multi-layered form of asphalt with very hard lower layers and a relatively softer layer on top.  This makes it extremely simple to repair, allowing an area of pavement to last decades – or longer – with only minor maintenance.

5 – Asphalt is eco-friendly, more than people realize.

People sometimes mistake asphalt for being ecologically harmful because it contains a small amount of petroleum, usually only around 5% of the product.  However, asphalt is 100% recyclable – and the vast majority of the asphalt laid today is recycled.  Asphalt contractors are among the biggest recyclers in America!

Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping Can Meet Your Commercial Asphalt Needs

Whether the project is large or small, we have the experience to do it right.  You can also be assured the job will be done with a safety-first mindset.  Quality work done on time and on budget.  Contact us directly for an estimate.

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