Asphalt Vs Concrete Pavement

Creating a Premium Hot Mix Asphalt in Fairfield, OH

At Mt Pleasant Blacktopping, we’re passionate about creating the best possible hot mix asphalt in Fairfield, as well as seeing it deployed correctly.  A lot of people don’t realize just how tricky hot mix asphalt can be to work with, or just how many issues can arise in southern Ohio which can present challenges to proper blacktopping.

These are important matters to consider, since a failed road or other paved surface isn’t just costly to replace, but can potentially cause significant damage to vehicles using it!  We have to consider many factors carefully whenever laying down blacktop, to ensure a great paved surface every time.

Key Factors to Consider With Hot Mix Asphalt in Fairfield

There are a lot of reasons a blacktop surface might fail, and we have to consider them whenever handling a job.

  1. The underlying soil base

If there is a most-common reason for a paved road to fail, it’s probably due to the soil underneath not being properly prepared.  The soil underneath must be compacted and capable of holding the loads placed upon it without shifting.  In turn, this requires taking soil samples to determine its composition and adjusting the preparation accordingly.

  1. Asphalt thickness

This one is obvious: if the asphalt layer is too thin, it will be more susceptible to cracking.  However, there is a true sweet spot where the thickness is concerned.  If it’s too thick, it just wastes the client’s money without bringing much, if any, additional strength.

  1. Temperature fluctuation 

Ohio can see extreme ranges in temperature, ranging from summer highs approaching 100°F, to deep freezes in the winter.  This can quickly degrade an asphalt surface.  It’s vital to research the weather in an area carefully to ensure the hot mix can withstand the temperatures year-round.

  1. Too little curing time

Often, there is time pressure involved in blacktop project – but some things cannot be rushed!  Asphalt needs time to cure and solidify before vehicles can be allowed on it, or else it will be quickly damaged.  The curing time of the mix needs to match the desired timeframe for usage.

Your Top Choice for Hot Mix Asphalt in Fairfield

Whether it’s for residential or commercial use, Mt Pleasant Blacktopping can deliver great asphalt and superior results thanks to our decades of experience.  Business owners and homeowners can be confident you are getting a lab tested, quality batch every time.  It is easy to apply by professionals and gives the smoothest surface.  Contact us today to get an estimate on your next paving project.

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