Creating a Premium Hot Mix Asphalt in Fairfield, OH

At Mt Pleasant Blacktopping, we’re passionate about creating the best possible hot mix asphalt in Fairfield, as well as seeing it deployed correctly.  A lot of people don’t realize just how tricky hot mix asphalt can be to work with, or just how many issues can arise in southern Ohio which can present challenges to proper blacktopping. Read more

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Blacktop Paving in Fairfield: Specialists at Mt Pleasant Blacktopping Offer Advice on Protecting Asphalt in the Winter

December 18, 2017 – Fairfield, OH – Hot mix asphalt is the paving material of choice in the Midwest, due to its ability to withstand the wide temperature variations typical of the region.  However, winter can still take its toll on asphalt surfaces.  Local paving experts Mt Pleasant Blacktopping want to help people across southern Ohio protect their asphalt during the cold months. Read more


Our Asphalt Driveway Contractors Offer Some Tips on How to Care for Your New Driveway

There’s nothing like the look of a newly paved asphalt driveway. From the way it shimmers under the sun to how smooth and clean it looks, a new asphalt driveway instantly helps your home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. However, after contacting asphalt driveway contractors such as the team at Mt Pleasant Blacktopping, it is important for you to do your part to maintain the like-new look. You can do that by following these asphalt driveway maintenance tips. Read more

Hot Mix Asphalt for Your Fairfield Ohio

The Advantages of Hot Mix Asphalt for Your Fairfield Home

By entrusting their paving needs to qualified specialists, property owners can ensure they only have limited driveway maintenance needs long into the future. This can be a challenging area for building owners across the region and so many are now choosing Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping for their range of asphalt products. In this latest post, our trusted team explains the many benefits of our hot mix asphalt for your Fairfield home. Read more

Mt. Pleasant Asphalt & Blacktopping Highlights the Value of the Hot Mix Asphalt

June 23, 2017 – Cincinnati, OH-based asphalt paving specialists, Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping is now showcasing the exceptional value of their hot mix asphalt . The company’s product is designed to offer lasting value as part of the paving process and features Marathon Oil and Conoco Phillips high performance binder materials with 100% crushed limestone for first-class durability. Read more