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Blacktop Paving in Fairfield: Specialists at Mt Pleasant Blacktopping Offer Advice on Protecting Asphalt in the Winter

December 18, 2017 – Fairfield, OH – Hot mix asphalt is the paving material of choice in the Midwest, due to its ability to withstand the wide temperature variations typical of the region.  However, winter can still take its toll on asphalt surfaces.  Local paving experts Mt Pleasant Blacktopping want to help people across southern Ohio protect their asphalt during the cold months.

To help preserve hot mix asphalt surfaces during the winter, Mt Pleasant suggests:

  • Always keep the surface clear of debris.  Before heavy snows come, and any time the surface is clear, remove as much surface debris as possible.  Otherwise, they could become frozen to the asphalt’s surface and cause damage.


  • Remove snow as often as possible.  Shoveling is safest for the surface.  Plows can be used but should be handled with care.  If there are existing defects in the asphalt, such as potholes, the plow blade could snag and cause significant damage.


  • Repair potholes whenever they are found.  This will usually require professional assistance in the winter, but they are much more likely to expand during cold weather.  The spring repair bill will be higher if they are left unfixed.
  • Avoid salt as a de-icing agent.  It can damage some asphalt types, as well as potentially causing significant damage to the local environment due to runoff.


Mt Pleasant Blacktopping hopes all Ohioans will be vigilant about keeping their paved surfaces safe and clean throughout the winter.

About Mt Pleasant Blacktopping

Mt Pleasant was founded in 1954, originally as an excavation company serving Butler County and southern Ohio.  In 1980, they changed focus to providing blacktop paving in Fairfield, OH, and Mt Pleasant Blacktopping was born.  The company’s existing experience in excavation and heavy equipment served them well, allowing them to work effectively on large-scale projects.   By owning their own mixing plant, Mt Pleasant can always provide top-quality hot mix asphalt solutions created to high and consistent standards.

For more information, or press inquiries, contact (513) 283-8072

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