Commercial Paving Maintenance

Property Managers, Are You Following Best Practices for Commercial Paving Maintenance?

A well-implemented piece of commercial paving is an investment into your property which can improve its value and last for years to come – if it’s properly maintained.  Due to the number of stresses that an asphalt installation will deal with, it’s inevitable that it will need maintenance from time to time.

It’s vital to stay on top of your commercial paving maintenance, because that’s what ensures small problems don’t grow into big problems.  Nearly anything that can go wrong with asphalt starts off small.  If you take care of it when it’s cheap and easy to fix, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and money in the long run.

Four Must-Follow Best Practices of Commercial Paving Maintenance

1 – Regular in-person evaluations

Don’t rely on visitors or workers to report issues with your driveway, parking lot, or other asphalt installations.  Have someone directly survey your asphalt, in person, looking for defects such as small cracks or the beginnings of potholes.  It’s the best way of catching them early.

2 – Fully document any issues

Keep a log of your parking lot surveys.  The four most important pieces of information to keep are:

  • Location of the problem
  • Type of problem (crack, pothole, patch deterioration, etc)
  • Physical size of the problem area
  • Severity of the problem

This will ensure you can properly prioritize your repair efforts.  Also, it will be easier to notice if problems keep occurring in one spot – which often indicates a larger issue below the ground.  Take photos with your smartphone to monitor the problems.

3 – Address any problems promptly

Honestly, we can’t emphasize this enough: Every day an issue with your asphalt goes unaddressed is only adding money to the repair bill.  Any commercial paving problems should be addressed as soon as reasonably possible.  Some problems can still be repaired during the winter, so don’t wait for spring.

4 – Develop a long-term maintenance plan

Some aspects of asphalt maintenance should be considered as recurring.  The pavement should be well-cleaned at least annually.  Every five years, you’ll want to lay down a new coat of sealant.  Every ten years, you’ll want a slurry coat, which is a sealant coat that also replaces some lost gravel at the top.

Making this a firm plan helps guarantee it will happen on schedule, as well as ensuring you’re budgeting for maintenance in the future.

Need Asphalt Repairs?  Contact Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping

We have over sixty years of experience manufacturing and working with asphalt.  We can help you maintain the asphalt pavement on your business property, call us for an estimate.


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