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Add Flair to Your Paving Project with Colored and Stamped Asphalt

One of the most common misconceptions that asphalt driveway contractors often have to deal with is the idea that asphalt must be an unattractive shade of black.  While it’s true that asphalt is “naturally” black, nothing says that’s the only option!  In fact, more and more homeowners -and even businesses- are discovering the benefits of decorative stamped asphalt to create a driveway or walkway with real flair.

If you haven’t looked into this option with your asphalt paving company, you might be surprised at just how much variety is possible in an asphalt installation – and without compromising its basic value!

How Decorative Stamped Asphalt Works

Stamped asphalt is quite simple!  It starts with a basic black asphalt lay, but then an additional layer of coloring is added on top.  This layer can be almost any color, although darker colors are more typical.  Then, a stencil is overlaid with the desired pattern and is pushed into the still-soft asphalt to create an impression which is similar to stamped concrete.

Once the asphalt cools and hardens, the impression remains.

This process can even be done with multiple colors, in multiple sections.  For larger driveways, or parking lots, features such as arrows and other guidance can be imprinted directly onto the asphalt – and it will last as long as the asphalt does.

Should the asphalt become damaged, the process can be repeated by your asphalt driveway contractors.  The asphalt that needs repair is reheated, then stamped again.  It’s simple and much cheaper than repairing concrete.

There are Many Stamped Asphalt Choices

This is the best part.  Stamped asphalt can be made to look like many other materials.  It could be colored red and given a brickwork pattern.  Or made light gray, with a hexagonal pattern – it looks like laid stonework but at a fraction of the effort or cost.  Just like with stamped concrete, there are many patterns available to make your project look great.

You could even have extensive custom work done on the stencil overlay.  It doesn’t have to be a repeating pattern.  You could stamp virtually anything into your driveway.

Your guests might not even realize it’s asphalt, however, they will realize the high-end look.

Is Stamped Asphalt Less Reliable Than Regular Asphalt?

No!  Not at all.  You still get all the same benefits, such as being non-slick when wet.  It’s all the benefits of asphalt but in a much more stylish and eye-catching package.

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