6 Steps Fairfield Asphalt Driveway Contractors Take in Their Projects

By understanding more about the work of your local Fairfield asphalt driveway contractors, you can appreciate the time and effort that it takes for great looking projects.  Our trusted southern Ohio team has many years experience in the industry, and in this latest post, we’re highlighting six steps that Fairfield asphalt driveway contractors take during their project.

  1. Demolition

The first step in the process is the demolition.  The old driveway and pavement must be removed before it can be replaced.  Teams will use heavy machinery such as forklifts to haul away the old material.

  1. The Grading Process

Once demolition has been completed the grading process can start.  In this preparation step, the soil and grounds are graded to ensure proper layout at the location as well as that water runoff from rain or car washing goes in the right direction versus sitting on the driveway or pavement.

  1. Subbase Placement

Now that the grading process has finished, the subbase is placed.  Subbase is often the main load-bearing layer of pavement and is necessary for surfaces with vehicle traffic.  It is also an important layer of protection between the soil and the asphalt to protect against frost and freezing.

  1. Binding

The binding aggregate and oil are then added to the project.  This layer provides a firm structure and adds durability and strength to the final driveway or road project.

  1. New Asphalt

Next, it’s time to lay down the new asphalt.  Fortunately, the process of pouring the new asphalt can be completed quite quickly.  The fresh asphalt is poured and compacted to create the new driveway or road.  For hot-mix asphalt applications, the material remains at a high temperature, around 350 degrees, in the truck.  It is laid down before it loses its heat.  A mix of asphalt containing small aggregate, like crushed limestone, and sand is laid to settle into the shiny, smooth, and durable surface.

  1. Curing

The final step in the driveway laying process is curing.  The curing process will take several hours, and the driveway may not be ready for use for 24-hours.  Make sure to ask your contractors to determine when the area is ready for use.

Our team at Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping can help you add that ideal asphalt driveway to your property whether for your home or business.  The team may be able to complete projects over the weekend when your business is closed.  To learn more from our trusted Fairfield asphalt driveway contractors, contact us today!

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