5 To Dos for The Best Blacktop Paving Outcome

By following the best practices within the industry, blacktopping companies can complete exceptional work designed to assure lasting results for their customers. For those considering blacktop paving services for their commercial building areas in the coming months, it’s important to know which best practices the leading teams follow in completing their work. Rest assured, the team here at Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping is a trusted authority in the local marketplace, and in this latest post we’ll explore five of the to-dos for the best blacktop paving outcome.

  1. Use a Hard Sub Base

Using a hard sub base is one of the most important considerations when utilizing a blacktopping product. The sub base material underneath the blacktopping needs to be hard enough to prevent structural changes over time and to provide the ideal foundation for lasting durability. Make sure that the company you work with utilizes a strong sub base. Thickness and composition are critical elements when determining the aggregate used within then sub-base system.

  1. Use Weed Killer in the Sub Base

Another important consideration during blacktopping projects is limiting the future growth of weeds within the blacktop paving area. That’s because weeds and other growth can cause structural damage to the blacktopping and may lead to cracking over time. The leading blacktopping firms mitigate this issue by using weed killer in their sub base, helping to prevent weed growth over time.

  1. Deploy Quality Workmanship

A reason property owners sometimes discover issues with their blacktopping is that the company they worked with didn’t use qualified professionals for the installation. The blacktopping process requires a team with a clear understanding on the benefits of the material. The team must have completed many projects in the past to prove their value to the current project.

  1. Quality Asphalt

The quality of the asphalt used by the company is another important consideration. Some use cheaper mixes that limit the value of their overall projects. It’s important to learn more on the company and the type of asphalt they use. Speak with past clients to determine their product value.  Mt. Pleasant Blacktop puts their asphalt through a quality control inspection, daily.

  1. Offer Workers’ Compensation

How can a property owner entrust a company if the company doesn’t protect their own workforce? Make sure that the blacktopping company offers workers’ compensation to their team, to ensure protection against any liability claims in the future.  Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping takes safety seriously and cares about its workers.

The team here at Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping can now guide you on reducing your costs and ensuring successful blacktopping projects. To discover more, contact us today!

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