Asphalt Vs Concrete Pavement

5 Reasons to Choose Asphalt Rather Than Concrete for Your Pavement

Should you choose an asphalt paving company to handle your pavement, or is concrete/cement the better option?  This is a question which nearly any property-owner will face at some point or another, whether they’re installing roadways, parking lots, or even just a driveway at their own home or business.  In truth, this is not a question with a simple answer.  Both asphalt and concrete have their distinct advantages, in different situations.

So, in today’s blog, let’s look at the situations where asphalt is the right choice.

Five Times You Want an Asphalt Paving Company for Your Pavement

1 – You are in an area which sees cold winters.

Asphalt is much better at handling cold weather, whereas concrete will tend to crack due to water seeping into it and then freezing.  In addition, many common substances used to de-ice roadways – particularly salt – can outright eat away concrete.  Asphalt is definitely the better choice for northern climates.

2 – You need a quick installation.

Asphalt is much faster to install and is ready to drive on immediately after being laid and steamrolled flat.  An asphalt driveway could be finished in an afternoon!  Concrete, on the other hand, requires a week or so to cure before it can be used, or else the entire paving could fail.  Mt. Pleasant can install new pavement or seal asphalt over the weekend when your business is closed.

3 – You want a smooth, quiet ride.

Concrete must be deliberately made rough to provide sufficient traction for cars, which also makes it louder and bumpier to drive on.  Asphalt is naturally “grippy,” so its smoother surface is more pleasant for motorists.

4 – You want a recyclable, easily-repaired pavement option.

It is true that concrete tends to be a bit more durable over the long run than asphalt, but there’s another side of that coin:  Asphalt is far easier to repair.  Often, all it needs is a quick patch.  Also, it’s easier to rip out should you ever want to repurpose the land, and it’s 100% recyclable.  Mt. Pleasant uses recycled materials whenever possible which is better for the environment.

5 – You have rough land which is hard to work with.

Concrete requires a very well-prepared surface for it to properly set, and even minor imperfections can ruin the work.  Asphalt requires some grading and smoothing of the underlying soil, but it’s much more fault-tolerant.  The best outcome comes from the best preparation.  Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping will work the land to give your job the best pavement result around your property.

Get Quality Blacktop from Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping

We’ve served the Fairfield area for decades, with the best in asphalt products.  Contact us today to consult on your next project.

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